May 2018

Behind the Scene

by Randy Limbird
Editor & Publisher, El Paso Scene


Long-time readers of El Paso Scene will instantly recognize the artist featured on this month’s cover. Hal Marcus’s paintings have appeared on the front page of the Scene more often than any other artist, beginning with “El Paso Navidad” that ran on the December 1993 cover (our fourth issue).
His “El Paso!” mural was unveiled in March at the Hospitals of Providence Transmountain Campus. The new hospital wanted something special for its lobby, and commissioned Marcus. For nine months Marcus worked on what became a 14-panel mural measuring 21 feet across and 6 feet high, depicting more than 70 iconic landmarks of the area.
The brightly colored mural depicts the people, culture and spirit of El Paso, in the tradition of his other famed works such as “El Mercado Juarez,” “El Paso Navidad,” “Gracias a Dios,” “Niños del Sol, “Four Seasons,” “Avenida Juarez,” among many others.
The mural will surely brighten any visit to the hospital, and you don’t need to wait until someone gets sick to make the trip. The hospital is at 2000 Woodrow Bean Transmountain (at Resler, just east of I-10) in Northwest El Paso. It’s also worth a trip to the Hal Marcus Gallery at 1308 N. Oregon to get a print (12”x36”) of the mural. The Gallery is offering Scene readers a “buy one, get one free” offer on the print during the month of May — just mention El Paso Scene.

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Every so often I remind readers that our website offers uncut versions of the listings that appears in the print edition. The internet doesn’t charge us for paper and ink, so we run longer versions of many of the events, as well as additional out-of-town and future month events that we weren’t able to fit into these pages. Threee categories in particular are worth checking out:
• The expanded online version of our “Here’s the Ticket” section lists touring acts going through September 2018, and also offers added descriptions of the performers. You’ll find it at
• The website has a more complete version of June’s upcoming events at
• One of our most popular web pages is our listing of summer camps and classes. We have a limited preview of them in our “Summer Fun for Kids” section on Page 16, but you’ll find much more online at Due to popular demand, we will update our online guide during the upcoming month as well.

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