March 2019

Behind the Scene

by Randy Limbird
Editor & Publisher, El Paso Scene


That box you see directly below this column is officially known as the “masthead” in newspaper terminology. You may notice one slight change this month in our list of people who help put out the Scene each month. Albert Martinez is now our “Advertising Director Emeritus.”
Albert isn’t leaving the Scene but is stepping down from his role as Advertising Director, which he has held since he joined the Scene in December 2000. Nearing age 70, he’s now easing into retirement so he won’t be working on advertising accounts any longer. I’ll be taking over some of those accounts. Albert’s son, Roman, already handles a few accounts and will be in charge of some of Albert’s old accounts as well.
When Albert started working with me, we were still pasting up the newspaper columns and ads by hand on “dummy sheets” that we delivered in person to our printer. Now everything is electronic until the presses start rolling.
We do a lot less running around than we used to, at least until the paper comes off the press. We haven’t figured any electronic shortcuts for keeping our racks full of papers. Even though our website and email newsletter are also read by thousands, the digital age has not reduced the demand for our print product. That’s one reason Albert will still serve as Circulation Director, which means he handles the lion’s share of distributing the 40,000 copies we publish each month.
Another reason, according to Albert: It gives him a good excuse to drive around and listen to audio books!
* * *
Jud Burgess’ name isn’t on our masthead, but his work has been of the Scene since it began. Jud, a professional graphic designer, created the logo for El Paso Scene (which is technically known as a “clapboard,” the thing used on movie sets to start the cameras). He also created the graphic headers used for our various sections, such as “Behind the Scene” for this particular column.
He’s always been a book lover as well, so he and his wife, Laurie, are launching their own small, independent bookstore at 1307 Arizona. His designing touch is evident in creating an intimate space for browsers to scan the shelves and sit down for a bit to check out a book before buying. You can read more about it on Page 25.
* * *
Throughout the year we are highlighting some of the artwork and artists from the “Celebration of Our Mountains” exhibit, which is on continuous display at Ardovino’s Desert Crossing Sunset Hall. This month features works by the Best of Show winner, Rosa Cruz. If you want more information about her artwork, you can contact her at
* * *
Congratulations to El Paso Community College, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. You can read about that milestone in this month’s feature story beginning on Page 19.
Don’t be surprised if you notice 50th anniversary events at EPCC stretching out for the next few years. This year’s anniversary commemorates the vote that created the community college district. In 2021 we’ll celebrate the golden anniversary of the first classes. Then in 2023 we’ll honor the first graduates who got diplomas back in 1973.

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