February 2020

Behind the Scene

by Randy Limbird
Editor & Publisher, El Paso Scene


After more than a quarter-century of editing and publishing El Paso Scene, I’ve become a bit of a nerd concerning dates.
Every issue of the Scene contains at least 500 dates for various events, and our policy is to match each date with the day of the week it falls on. We figure it’s important to list an event as Saturday, Feb. 1, rather than just Feb. 1. One of the most common errors we make is mismatching days and dates (for example, “Sunday, Feb. 3” instead of “Sunday, Feb. 2”). That’s particularly easy to do since we re-edit most of our items from month to month and year to year. Sometimes we don’t notice that an event that was on a Saturday last time now is on Friday. That’s why we have an editing associate, Yvonne Herrera, whose once-a-month job is to read through our content and look for day/date mismatches. Even then, an occasional mistake gets through.
Leap years make it tougher. In most cases, an annual event is held on the same day of the week around the same time of the month. So an event that was held on Saturday, Feb. 9, last year likely would be held on Saturday, Feb. 8, this year. Our typical updates just subtract one from last year’s date. (Why? Divide 365 by 7 and you get 1 left over, which makes dates move one day later in the week.)
Back to Leap Year with its 366 days. When Feb. 29 comes around every four years, everything moves by two days. March 1 fell on a Friday last year, but comes on a Sunday this year. So when we’re updating our events, we have to be careful that we take that into account.
February traditionally has a blank space on the event calendar — nobody schedules anything against the Superbowl, which this year is Sunday, Feb. 2. But this year there’s another blank space: Saturday, Feb. 29. Because no one ever schedules a recurring event on the fifth Saturday in February!
In fact, this will be the first-ever fifth Saturday in February in the history of El Paso Scene. The last one was Feb. 29, 1992. We started publishing in 1993.
* * *
This month’s cover images are paintings by Edmund Vera, whose work caught my eye at both the 2018 and 2019 Las Artistas art shows. He captures El Paso with the detail of a graphic artist but also with a bit of whimsy and imaginative color. If you’re too young to remember, the main image on this month’s cover is a mariachi take-off on The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” album cover.
Ed should be familiar with El Paso – he’s lived here all his life except for some time in the Army, and worked with JCPenney for 34 years. Although he practiced art through his school years, including studies at UTEP, he never took up serious painting until after retirement.
If you would like to contact Ed about his art, you can reach him at evera67@aol.com or (915) 241-0057.
Do you have artwork or photographs you think are cover-worthy? I encourage you to send digital images to me at randy@epscene.com. Keep in mind that cover images need to be representative of El Paso and suitable for newspaper reproduction.
Every so often I get a call or email asking me if I will put someone’s artwork on the cover — sight unseen! For me, Scene cover art is like the art on my living room walls. It’s shared with other people, but I’m the one who winds up looking at more than anyone else. So I have to see the artwork before I can give any consideration to whether it’s cover material.

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