May 2019

Behind the Scene

by Randy Limbird
Editor & Publisher, El Paso Scene


The other day someone asked how to get something into an upcoming issue of the Scene that was happening in 2020. It’s rare that I answer with an unequivocal “No,” but this request qualified. Heck, I barely squeeze in the stuff that’s happening this month.
The hardest editions of El Paso Scene to fit everything into is a month like this one. Our issues are usually four weeks apart, but occasionally five weeks apart. This issue came out April 24, and the June issue won’t come out until May 29. So that means an extra week of events to cram into these pages.
You won’t see many late April events in this issue — we simply did not have enough space. Besides, nearly all those events ran in the April issue. In figuring out what we could fit into the May issue, we gave priority to May events, plus June 1-2 events (since many people might not get the June issue in time to plan for that weekend).
But if you are reading this column hot off the press, you have an easy way to find out what’s going on the last weekend of April, besides referring to your old copy of the Scene. Just go to our website,, and click on our weekly digest for the week of April 22-28.
The digest not only has events that were published in the April issue, but also late items sent to us after our April issue was printed.
This is the same information that you can get by email if youe subscribe to our El Paso Scene Weekly newsletter, which goes out each Monday. The newsletter is free; all you have to do is go sign up at We now have over 7,000 subscribers!
* * *
Next issue will include our annual “Summer Fun for Kids” issue, highlighting camps and classes throughout the region. We realize that some people want to plan ahead, so we will be posting an advance copy of this list on our website by May 13. Go to
If you want to get some idea of what options are available for your kids, the 2018 listings will remain posted until the new list goes up.
If your business or organization is offering summer camps or classes, be sure to send us that information as soon as possible so we can include them on the website. Our “Summer Fun” page has been the most popular page on our website every summer!
You’ll also want to consider display advertising for your summer programs, so give me a call or email to find out how you can reach the El Paso Scene readership. You can check out our ad rates and sizes at
* * *
Darrell McGahhey returns to the cover of the Scene this month with his watercolor “Stormy Sunset,” my choice for the El Paso Award at the “On the Map” exhibit on display through May 10 at the Crossland Gallery. He has been on the cover three times before: He won the El Paso Scene Cover Award in both August 2014 and August 2015 for his photographs in the International Eye of the Camera exhibition. Another one of his paintings made the cover in April 2015.
A great time to check out the “On the Map” exhibit is May 4-5 when the gallery and the artists upstairs at the Art Junction will host an open house as part of the El Paso Artists Studio Tour. Myrna Zanetell’s Gallery Talk column on Page 25 gives more reasons to go on the tour, such as the three nationally renowned artists who will be participating.

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