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El Paso Scene at a Glance

     Who We Are
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Monthly Advertising Rates

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Scene Advertising Sizes

Design Fees & Camera-Ready Ads

El Paso Scene Reader Profile


El Paso Scene at a Glance

Who We Are

El Paso Scene was founded in 1993 as a monthly community newspaper dedicated to upcoming cultural and recreational events. El Paso Scene has been published on schedule every month since its first issue.
The first edition of El Paso Scene was the September 1993 issue. That first issue had just 16 pages and eight ads, and 10,000 copies were published. The Scene now averages about 40 pages, well over 75 advertisers and publishes at least 40,000 copies each month.
Each issue is dedicated to upcoming events in El Paso and the surrounding region. We cover a variety of events and attractions, from rock concerts and street festivals to chamber music and art openings. Each issue also offers a major feature story and a variety of columnists.
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As a free publication, El Paso Scene derives nearly all its revenue from paid advertising. We aim the publication at El Pasoans and other residents of the region who want to make the most of their time and money by seeking the best possible entertainment, recreation and shopping opportunities. We have designed the publication to be of maximum value to our advertisers, who appreciate its upscale readership, monthlong shelf life and repeat/multiple readership of each copy of the Scene. By minimizing overhead and keeping all funds here in El Paso, our advertising costs are by far the best value in the region. Full information on El Paso Scene advertising is provided at

"In El Paso there is no better advertising venue than the El Paso Scene for small businesses. After years of tracking the sources of our new clients, we can say that the Scene has been instrumental in the growth of our business. The Scene has set the bar in our region for professionalism and classiness in publishing, and no other paper in the area offers local businesses better value for their precious advertising dollars."

                -- Adam Schydlower, Desert Moon Academy of the Arts

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The Scene is distributed at nearly 200 locations throughout El Paso, Las Cruces, Juárez and the surrounding region. Our pick-up rate is an astonishing 95+ percent. Our rack locations include all the Village Inn Restaurants in El Paso and Las Cruces, Walgreen's Drugstores, WingStop, and other stores and restaurants. The Scene is also distributed at the El Paso Convention Center, El Paso International Airport and various tourist information centers. For more information on our locations, go to

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Other publications

El Paso Scene also publishes El Paso Scene Weekly, an email newsletter sent to 6,000 subscribers. El Paso Scene Online ( also features weekly digests of events and monthly listings.
Annual publications include the Performing Arts Guide published in late August.

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Staff and associates of El Paso Scene

Randy Limbird, Editor and Publisher
(915) 542-1422
Albert Martinez, Advertising Director
and Circulation Manager
(915) 920-7244;
Lisa Tate, News Editor
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How to reach us

Phone: (915) 542-1422 Fax: (915) 542-4292


Email addresses (news, press releases) (Randy Limbird) (Albert Martinez) (general email and advertising)

Mailing address
P.O. Box 13615, El Paso TX 79913

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Monthly Advertising Rates

The Open Rate is for non-contract advertising.
Other rates are for contract advertising based on frequency.
Each rate listed is per month.
Black & white rate shown first (color shown next)

 Page Size

Open Rate

3 times a year 6 times a year 12 times a year
 Full Page

$1,025 (1,384)

$875 (1,181)

$735 (992)

$675 (911)
Half Page

$650 (878)

$555 (750)

$490 (662)

$430 (580)
Quarter Page

$380 (513)

$320 (432)

$280 (378)

$245 (335)
Fifth Page

$325 (439)

$275 (365)

$245 (335)

$215 (305)
Sixth Page

$275 (365)

$230 (320)

$200 (290)

$185 (275)
 Eighth Page

$225 (315)

$195 (285)

$165 (255)

$155 (245)
1/12 Page

$155 (245)

$135 (225)

$115 (205)

$110 (200)

Open Rate is the non-contract rate and always applies to the first and second ad placed during the same 12-month period by a non-contract advertiser.

Non-contract advertisers are entitled to a frequency discount once they have run three times, six times or 12 times during a 12-month period. The frequency discount cannot be applied to past ads. For example, a non-contract advertiser will pay open rate for the first and second ad, then is eligible for the 3-time rate for the third, fourth and fith ad placed during a year. If a sixth ad is placed, then the six-time rate would apply for that ad and subsequent ads.

A signed advertising contract is required to receive frequency discounts in advance.
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Other charges & discounts

Premium Placement
Additional charges for special placement requests
Front half of paper 15%
Right hand page 15%
Front half, right hand 25%
Outside corner 15%
Inside back cover** 20%
Inside front cover** 25%
Page 3* 25%
Back cover** 30%
* Horizontal half page only
** Plus color charges. Half page minimum.

Charges are cumulative. For example, the premium placement charge for top right, front half of paper would be 30%. Premium placement is subject to availability. Not all placements are possible for all size ads. Every effort will be made to accommodate placement requests. If conflicts arise, preference will be given to larger ads, and to standard 2- and 4-column wide sizes.

Color Charges: 35% extra for color ads, minimum of $90 per ad (regardless of size). Must be submitted on electronic media. Color subject to availability.

Production Charges: Minimum charges for building a new ad are $30 for 1/12 and 1/8 page ads, $40 for 1/6, 1/5 and 1/4 page ads, and $50 for ads larger than 1/4 page. A change fee of $10 is charged for revising a previously run ad. This fee applies whenever additional typesetting, scanning or graphic/photo placement is required.

Agency Commissions: 15% to recognized agencies. Ads must be camera-ready.

Non-Profit Discount: 20% to recognized non-profit institutions. Ad must be camera-ready. Cannot be combined with other discounts.
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El Paso Scene Advertising Sizes

 Page Size  Dimensions in inches (standard)  Optional dimensions (inches)
 Full Page 10.25 wide by 12.75 high
Half Page 10.25 wide by 6.25 high  5 wide by 12.75 high
Quarter Page 5 wide by 6.25 high 2.45 wide by 12.75 high
Fifth Page 5 wide by 5 high
 2.45 wide by 10 high
Sixth Page 5 wide by 4 high
 2.45 wide by 8 high
 Eighth Page 5 wide by 3 high  2.45 wide by 6.25 high
1/12 Page 5 wide by 2 high  2.45 wide by 4 high
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El Paso Scene uses a four-column, short tab format, which means most of our ad sizes are not the same as other newspapers. We use this format because it allows ads and news to be perfectly balanced, and maximizes the visibilty of each individual ad.

Shown above are our ad sizes in various formats. Variations on these sizes may be used if approved in advance by the publisher. In general, all ads must conform to standard column width (2.45 inches for one column, 5 inches for two columns, 7.5 inches for three columns and 10.25 for four columns). The dimensions of the horizontal and vertical sizes are not reversible (for example, a 5"x3" horizontal ad cannot run as a 3"x5" vertical ad - it would have to be re-sized to 2.45"x6.25" to fit a one-column format).

What size is right for you? Obviously, larger ads create a bigger impression. One-time events typically require at least a quarter-page and often up to a full page to get the maximum exposure desired. Smaller ads may best suit the needs and budget for repetitive advertising. The more words and graphics that are used in an ad, the larger the space required to make an attractive presentation.

The best way to decide what ad size is right for you is to look through a copy of the Scene and decide which ads are most comparable to what you have in mind.

You are not locked into a particular ad size even if you are receiving a contract rate. You can go from a horizontal to a vertical format of the same size ad and the same rate will apply. You can also increase or decrease the size or your ad and the appropriate frequency discount will still apply (such as a 3-time, 6-time or 12-time rate).

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Specifications for Advertising

Deadlines: El Paso Scene is published on the Wednesday following the fourth Monday of the month. Closing for camera-ready ads is one week before publication. Allow one extra week if typesetting or ad design is required.

In general, please submit:
Ad space reservations by the 10th of month
News items by the 15th of the month
Camera-ready ads by the 17th of the month

Billing: Invoices are issued by the first of the month and are payable within 30 days. 1.5 % per month charges on all accounts unpaid after 30 days.

Copy Regulations: El Paso Scene reserves the right to reject any advertising. Advertisers and agencies assume responsibility for all claims against El Paso Scene arising from printed content of advertising. Claims for adjustments must be made within 10 days of publication. The publisher's liability for any error shall not exceed the cost of the space occupied by the error.

Ad proofs: Advertiser should make arrangements for reviewing an ad proof if no fax access is available. Advertiser is responsible for providing a hard-copy color print or printout of any color images for color-matching purposes.

Printing Specifications: Four-color on front, back cover and minimum of two inside pages. Printed on newspaper web offset press, high-bright newsprint. 130 line screen for artwork. Allow for 30 percent dot gain.

Electronic requirements: Ads must be submitted as PDF documents or in most image formats (jpeg, tiff, eps). Digital images should be provided at 300 dpi resolution at the size to be printed. Digital documents may be sent via email to Large documents (over 5mb) can be uploaded to our FTP site; call or email for instructions

Contracts: Advertisers may increase the size of their ad during the term of the their contract and receive the comparable frequency discount. Contracts must be completed within 12 months from the date of their first insertion. If an advertiser cancels an existing contract, advertiser will be re-billed at the appropriate rate, plus 5% of the gross rate.
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Design Fees & Camera-Ready Ads


All advertising rates shown for El Paso Scene are for camera-ready ads that require no additional scanning, typesetting, photo correction or other graphic design services.

There are two kinds of advertising service fees: set-up fees and change fees. Set-up fees are charged for building a new ad. Change fees are charged for revising existing ads.

Set-up Fees

The minimum charges for building a new ad are:
· $30 for 1/12 and 1/8 page ads
· $40 for 1/6, 1/5 and 1/4 page ads
· $50 for ads larger than 1/4 page.

A set-up fee is charged for building any new ad that is not submitted in camera-ready format. These set-up fees also apply when creating a new ad layout for an existing advertiser.

Set-up fees include typesetting, scanning images, Art Today clip art searches and layout. They do not include advanced graphic design services, such as logo creation and original graphic illustrations.

The advertiser is responsible for providing all text and graphics required to build the ad. A $10 change fee will be added to the set-up charge if changes are requested that were not part of the original text and graphics requested by the advertiser.

Change fees

A change fee of $10 is charged for revising an ad that has already run in El Paso Scene. This fee applies whenever additional typesetting, scanning or graphic/photo placement is required. The fee may be waived by El Paso Scene for changes involving simple updates submitted by the advertiser in written form. A change fee must be charged for any ad revision for which an ad proof is requested.

The $10 fee cover changes requested at the same time. No charge is made for correcting typographical errors or omissions made by El Paso Scene. A second $10 change fee will be charged, however, if the advertiser asks for additions, deletions or other revisions that were not included in the first request.
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Camera-Ready Advertising

Camera-ready ads must be submitted in electronic format. Typically, electronic ads are submitted as image documents such as PDF, EPS, TIFF or JPEG. All fonts and images must be embedded.

Camera-ready ads are assumed to be ready for press. Any image documents must have all images and fonts embedded. El Paso Scene will not be responsible for font substitution or image bit-mapping problems that result from inadequate document preparation.

Standard resolution is a recommended 300 dpi at 100 percent of printed image size. El Paso Scene will not be responsible for any digital ads that are submitted with substandard resolution. The Scene is printed on newspaper web offset press, high-bright newsprint, using 130 line screen for artwork. Allow for 30 percent dot gain.

All color ads must be submitted in CMYK format (not RGB), including all embedded graphics.

Microsoft Word or Publisher files are not acceptable as camera-ready ads. However, we can accept a PDF version of the ad. The same is true of other word processing or graphic design programs such as Corel, WordPerfect, etc.

We can accept a printed hard copy of an ad as a camera-ready only if it is suitable for scanning. El Paso Scene cannot be held responsible for poor photo image quality or moiré patterns that result from scanning camera-ready ads submitted as hard copy.

If requested, we will correct photo images to optimize the quality of reproduction for newsprint web printing.

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El Paso Scene Reader Profile

In 2003, El Paso Scene began a readership survey, with questionnaires randomly distributed in the February, March and April issues of the Scene. Here is a summary of our preliminary results:

Our readers are loyal

68% of El Paso Scene readers say they read the Scene every month.

Our readers keep the Scene on hand all month

97% of our readers say they refer to the Scene repeatedly throughout the month.

The Scene gets passed around

92% say their copy of the Scene is read by at least one other person.

Consumers rely on the Scene

66% say that the Scene is the most useful local publication for making decisions about where to shop or what to do.

Our readers are older, better educated and more affluent

77% of our readers are over age 35
· 23% are age 18-35
· 23% are age 36-50
· 46% are age 51 and older

50% of our readers have at least
a college degree (and another 42%
have some college)

72% have household income over $30,000
· 11% are under $15,000
· 16% are $15,000 to $30,000
· 27% are 30,000 to $50,000
· 20% are $50,000 to $75,000
· 25% are $75,000 or higher

Our readers are everywhere!

· 36% live on the West Side/Upper Valley
· 31% live on the East Side
· 15% live in Northeast/Central El Paso
· 5% live in the Lower Valley
· 8% live in Las Cruces
· 5% live outside the region

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What Advertisers Say About El Paso Scene

"My ad stands out better in the El Paso Scene than any other ad I've had. Response is absolutely fantastic - I've had people come in from everywhere with the Scene in their hands. And I hear a lot of compliments about the Scene."
- Margaret Barber
The Bookery/Mission Trail Trading Post

"El Paso Scene is the first publication to package all the cultural offerings in the area. That's why I want to be included."
- Adair Margo
Adair Margo Gallery

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